Our Work

Creating change takes work. A LOT of it. We’re engaged in a wide variety of initiatives at Every Woman Southeast, all focused on the following:

  • Creating a space for conversation across funding silos, formal positions, race, age, experience, geography, sector and sexual identity. Elevating this discourse to regional and national stages.
  • Building the scaffolding (funding / technical assistance / training) to support innovation projects and approaches to improve women’s wellness and opportunities for good health.
  • Exploring alternative ways of bringing the experiences, hopes and solutions of women in our region to a larger audience / community of practice.
  • Providing the training and support required for leaders and influencers to have the skills and “key conversations” needed to change the way business is done.
  • Connecting influencers and leaders with each other so they can learn, share, invent and act together.
  • Building and sustaining an equity- and life-focused approach to women’s wellness.

The work we do at Every Woman Southeast is based upon the concept of collective effort for collective impact. Through our various projects and initiatives, we’re connecting individuals and organizations throughout the Southeast in ways that allow them to share, to learn and to create the change we’re all so passionately working toward.