Policy & Advocacy

Policy and Advocacy Tools

Policy and advocacy are two components that are absolutely key for improving women’s health and wellness. While we often think of Congress and state legislatures as the hubs of policy action, local and institutional policy has significant influence on the daily lives of many. Every Woman Southeast is currently working with the Mississippi Women’s Fund to develop training materials and resources to facilitate our advancement and influence in this arena. We are placing a particular emphasis on creating tools that can be used by individuals employed by local, state and federal government and we’re also focusing on materials geared toward institutional change. So, stay tuned! These tools will be available late summer 2015.


Be sure to check out MomsRising – a group that’s doing a great job advocating for issues that impact women and their families.

Access to Care

With the Supreme Court ruling in June 2015, it looks like the Affordable Care Act is here to stay. With the exception of Kentucky, low-income women and families in the South have largely missed out on opportunities for access to health care. And this is the case even for those with health insurance. We have a long way to go to make sure everyone receives quality, culturally appropriate care. Check out the great work underway in our region at Raising Women’s Voices and Florida Chain.

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