Every Woman Southeast Monthly e-Newsletters will be released to the listserv at the beginning of each month. Each month we'll feature resources and information related to preconception and women's health, and news and campaigns that impact women's lives. Additionally, we'll include something from each of our four cornerstones: leadership, equity, life course, and advocacy. All past issues of our newsletters are archived here.

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Newsletter Archive

February 2018 Beauty Products and Health
January 2018 The Ins and Outs of Puberty
December 2017 Motor Vehicle Safety
November 2017 The Later Reproductive Years
October 2017 Food Insecurity in the U.S.
September 2017 Premature Menopause
August 2017 Tattoos and Body Art
July 2017 The Opioid Epidemic
June 2017 Art and Artivism
May 2017 Teen Pregnancy and Parenting
April 2017 Women's Eye Health
March 2017 Farmworker Health: Women and Children in the Field
February 2017 Midwifery, Doulas, and Alternative Birthing Options
January 2017 Social Determinants of Health: Education
December 2016 Social Determinants of Health: Economics
November 2016 Civic Engagement and Women's Right to Vote
October 2016
Zika Virus and Women's Preconception Health
September 2016
Postpartum Realities & Health After Baby
August 2016 Social Determinants of Heath: Neighborhood
July 2016 Refugee and Asylee Health
June 2016 LGBT Population Health
May 2016 Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)
April 2016
Understanding Infertility
March 2016
Social Determinants of Health: Transportation
February 2016 Social Determinants of Health: Housing
January 2016 Achieving Health Equity
December 2015 Parenting and Health
November 2015 Menstrual Health
October 2015 Women's Oral Health
September 2015       Women and the Workplace
August 2015 Politics of Breastfeeding
July 2015 Reproductive Life Planning
June 2015
Men's Health Awareness
May 2015 Women's Mental Health
April 2015 Women's Health: Cancers
March 2015 Obesity and Diabetes
February 2015 Women's Heart Health
January 2015 Stress Management and Self-Care
December 2014 Community Health Workers
November 2014 Tobacco Use and Women's Health
October 2014 Health of Women with Disabilities
September 2014 Mental Health and Military Women
August 2014 Women's Environmental Health
July 2014 Women's Sexual Health
June 2014 Women and Incarceration
May 2014 Celebrating New Mothers and Women Everywhere!
April 2014 Violence against Women and Women's Health
March 2014 Women in Leadership and Politics
February 2014 Empowering Girls and Young Women
January 2014 Making Realistic Resolutions
December 2013 Managing the Stressors of the Holidays
November 2013 What Women Think about their Health
October 2013 The Affordable Care Act
September 2013 Health Equity
August 2013 International Women's Health
July 2013 Summer Relaxation and Renewal
June 2013 The Power of Female Friendship
May 2013 May is All about Moms!
April 2013 Fatherhood and Men's Health
March 2013 Pilot Project Spotlight: TN & Black Women's Health Initiatives
February 2013 Show Your Love Campaign and Heart Health
January 2013 Pilot Project Spotlight: SC
December 2012 Pilot Project Spotlight: FL
November 2012 Alabama Preconception Health & Tobacco Cessation
October 2012 Addressing Women's Health Needs & Birth Outcomes
September 2012          Women's Equality Day
August 2012 Resources on Birth Outcomes
July 2012 Getting Connected
June 2012 Every Woman Southeast Launch!
May 2012 Mother's Day, Every Day & Preconception Health
April 2012 FL Preconception Health & Minority Health Resources
March 2012 TN Preconception Health
February 2012 Inaugural Issue