Local Projects

Reproductive Life Planning Community Grants

We are excited about our Reproductive Life Planning Community Grants program. The goal of this program is to identify and fund innovative community-based initiatives that work with traditional and non-traditional partners to improve women and men's capacity to plan childbearing and improve preconception and interconception health using a life course approach.

So far, we have funded 8 projects in 7 states for $43,500 each for 15 months. The following sites were funded across our region: Duval County Health Department in Northern Florida; Urban Health Partnerships in Southern Florida; Barren River District Health Dept/BabyNet in Kentucky; Healthy Start New Orleans in Louisiana; Delta Health Partners in Mississippi; North Carolina Central University / Cradle Me 3 in North Carolina; PASOs in South Carolina; and Choices in Tennessee.

Click here to read a short description of each project. For more information, contact Erin McClain at 919-808-0989 or erin@everywomansoutheast.org