There is significant interest in our region sharing information among states about preconception / women’s wellness initiatives, activities, policies and accomplishments. Webinars are one way we are working to meet this need. The audience for the webinars includes public health leaders, program managers, agency directors, health care providers, and community leaders with an interest in maternal, child and women’s health. 


May 21, 2014 - Innovative Technology for Preconception Care. To watch the archived webinar click here. The slides from the presentation can be accessed here. Please be patient with the momentary sound issues in the recording. The Gabby Project is currently recruiting African American females for their study nationwide. Visit the website for more information.

February 26, 2014 - Peer Education to Promote Preconception Health and Reproductive Life Planning among Young Adults. To watch the archived webinar click here. Please be patient with the momentary sound issues in the recording.

December 4, 2013 - Closing the Black/White Gap in Infant Mortality: Ideas, Successes and Lessons Learned from the Wisconsin Life Course Initiative. To listen to the archived webinar, click here. To view the slides click here. For a list of the Initiative's Guiding Principles click here. To learn about their 2013 funded projects click here. To read their community plans and learn more about the work please click here.

November 19, 2013 -Connecting Women with Healthcare in the South: Overcoming Challenges and Leading the Way. To watch the archived webinar click here.

October 30, 2013 -Addressing Racism's Impact on Women's and Infant's Health: Lessons Learned from the Racial Healing Projects in Tennessee.

Objectives: Provide an overview of the CityMatCH Racial Healing project; Explore how projects in Nashville and Memphis mapped the connections between race, place, and health; and Discuss the effect of these projects in the two communities, and their impact on racial healing and health equity

SpeakersKimberlee Wyche-Etheridge, MD, MPH, Dir. of Family, Youth, and Infant Health and Medical Director, Metro Public Health Department, Nashville, TN  and Jamila Batts, RN, MS, FIMR Team Leader, Shelby County Health Department, Memphis, TN

To listen to the archived webinar please click here.


On July 11, 2013 we presented a webinar focused on addressing the impact of racism on disparities in birth outcomes. Speakers included Piia Hanson (Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs), Maureen Gatere (City MatCH) and Kenn Harris (National Healthy Start Association). They presented on their experience, successes and lessons learned from the Partnership to Eliminate Disparities in Infant Mortality.

To listen and watch the webinar, please click here.To view the Powerpoint slide set, please click here.


Our June 6, 2013 webinar featured Carol Brady and Faye Johnson sharing information about their work underway in Jacksonville, Florida with the Magnolia Project and their application of the life course approach to their case management program.


To listen and watch the webinar, please click here.To just see the powerpoint slides, please click here.

To learn more about the Magnolia Project and the Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition, click here.


We have held several webinars over the past few years. We have linked slides and presentations for those webinars on our website in the resource section (based on topic covered).